Who can use this tool

Anyone who works with xml. I made the tool because we work with very big xml files at work and without a propper tool its not easy to find what your looking for.


When generating xpaths for lists the the first element was indexed with 0. That was fixed. Now it starts with 1.

Are there any new functionality on its way?.

1. An xpath evaluator page. It will be usefull if you look alot on the same kind of xmls for certain values. With this tool you can just paste it to the text area and all the xpaths will be evaluated and the values will be shown.

Submitting bugs.

If you find a bug please post a comment on the blog on this page http://xmltoolbox.blogspot.com/p/bugs.html

Feature requests

If you have a good idea for a new feature. Please post a comment on the blog on this page. http://xmltoolbox.blogspot.com/p/featurerequests.html