Xml formatter

The Xml formatter is a clientside app which formats your xml without sending the xml to the backend.
This way you dont have to be afraid that anyone will read the xml you are formatting.
The Xml formatter also works on invalid xml.
Using the formatter is simple. Go to the Xml formatter to get started.

Automatic online xpath generator:

The Xpath generator. will help you by automaticly generate xpaths.
Paste in your xml and place the cursor in the element you need the xpath to and it will generate an xpath. The xpath will be shown in the xpath results text area.


The filter field is used to find certain parts of the xml. If you start typing the field will suggest elementnames. Once you choose an element name the xml field will show all elements with that name.
You can use a wildcard for instance if you type "*name" it will show all elements that contain the text "name".
To show the full xml again, remove the text in the filter text box.

Filter history:

When you use the filter, a history of earlier used filters will be stored. You can use them again simply by clicking on them.

Xml to java literal:

If you need some xml ready for your editor. Just press the xml to java literal and it will append the needed syntax.